Hi! My name is Joy Tydings and I’m the owner of Share Our Joy Events. We are a boutique event planning and design firm serving clients in the DC/Metro area. I am a Certified Wedding Planner and current member of Association of Bridal Consultants. We specialize in wedding and event décor design and event planning.

From the moment I could ask for a birthday party, I knew something inside (even at 5!) was telling me there is more to this “party thing” than just asking mom and dad for another celebration (I really love presents). So how did I officially become acquainted with weddings and events? Well, I was around 13 years old and every Saturday I would prepare myself to watch, Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? on the Style Network. I watched intently how Donnie Brown and Baltimore’s Lynette Richardson-Hall would escort each bride from their must-dos to I-do. I just felt this natural connection that this was more than entertainment but destined to be my career as well. I became slightly addicted to wedding shows and just loved to be immersed in the world of weddings. When I had the opportunity to plan my 21st birthday, my passion for events was recharged!

When we meet, you will discover that I am a reserved individual who listens to your dreams and expectations for your day. I provide my feedback on how we can enhance each element of your must haves. When we part, you will feel like you have met someone who understands you, will execute your vision with a high-level of detail and most importantly allow you to enjoy the day you entrusted us to plan.

We are grateful that you took the time to find out more about us. We invite you to discover who we are and how we can serve you on your special day. Find Joy in the Unexpected Details with Share Our Joy Events. We look forward to meeting you!